Tibetan Rugs

Modern Tibetan rugs have undergone major changes since they were first introduced to the American market in the late seventies. Woven mostly in Nepal by Tibetan refugees, they were usually traditional Tibetan designs back then. In recent years, production has skyrocketed and most of the weavers are now Nepalese. Most of the rugs no longer feature any Tibetan elements at all. Typically their spare designs and simple palettes create a look most suitable to contemporary homes. Nepalese/Tibetan production has become the format of choice for custom-designed rugs. We have a variety of traditional and contemporary designs and we often have rugs made to suit individual tastes.

In addition to the one of a kind Tibetan rugs you may find in our galleries we are also proud to carry Tibet Company rugs. To view their entire line visit tibetrugcompany.com.